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Aqara D200i smart doorlock

the aqara d200i smart doorlock

Aqara D200i Smart Doorlock

Aqara D200i Smart Doorlock

The Aqara D200i smart doorlock designed to accommodate multiple users, each with their own distinct PIN codes, NFC devices, and of course – face. It has the capacity to store 50 facial profiles, 50 PIN codes, and 25 NFC devices.

  1. Facial recognition

  2. PIN codes

  3. Apple Home Keys

  4. NFC cards

  5. App unlock with Apple Home and Aqara Home

  6. Voice unlock with Siri

  7. One-time Passcodes

  8. Periodic Passcodes

  9. Remotely Configurable Passcodes

Fast Respond Unlocking

With an unlocking speed of less than 1 second using a flagship AI chip. An embedded motion sensor triggers the wake-up of the facial recognition module, ensuring a super-fast unlocking response, and maximizing battery life.

​1. 0.1 second wake-up duration

2. <1 second unlocking duration

3. 31,000 face detection points

4. <0.0001% false recognition rate

Aqara D200i Facial-Recognition-Lock
Aqara D200i Apple-Home-Keys-Lock

Support Apple Home Keys

Apple Home Keys. Incorporate a home key into your Apple Wallet, transforming your iPhone and Apple Watch into digital keys.


The Express Mode for swift, tap-and-go unlocking, and an enhanced security mode necessitating Face ID or a Passcode for door access.

Not Just a Digital Lock, is a Smart Digital Lock 

1. Monitor the lock’s real-time status via Aqara Home or Apple Home.

2. Stay informed with notifications and logs of lock and unlock events.

3. Compatible with Apple Home and Apple Home Keys, for locking and unlocking.

4. The lock can initiate automated actions for other smart devices.

5. Ability to set or deactivate your smart security system directly from the lock.

6. Features Zigbee 3.0 compatibility.

Aqara D200i Face unlock

Aqara D200i Security Support

1. Auto-lock feature activates upon door closure

2. Built with anodized aluminum for enhanced longevity

3. Ultra-secure lock cylinder

4. Multiple locking bolts

5. Tampering alarm

6. Electromagnetic shielding against tesla coil intrusions

7. Anti-snoop PIN feature allows for random number input alongside actual PIN for added confidentiality

8. Alerts and updates for door activities, including unlocking or being left open.

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