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Aqara Smart Camera E1

PTZ Functions

The E1 camera come with a 2K Sensor and wide-angle f/2.0 len for superior image quality, and offfers 360 degree viewing, person tracking through its Pan/Tilt motors.     

Compatible with major platforms

The E2 camera is compatible with major platforms including Apple Home ( with Homekit Secure Video Support ) Alexa, and google home. In addition to encrypted cloud storage in Aqara Home or Apple Home, the E1 camera support local storage with microSD card of up to 512Gb, and can be backed up to SMB3-compatible NAS storage.                                    

Aqara Camera E1

On-device detection for local automation.

The build-in NPU enables the advanced features such as person detection and sound detection. You can filter motion events and automatically record of trigger an automation upon detecting a person.                                                                  

Privacy Mode and Mic-Muting 

In case of activating of Privacy Mode in Aqara Home, the E1 camera will rotate to the angle you prefer ( e.g. facing a wall ) and turn off. Additionally the mic-muting option enhances privacy by disabling audio capture and transmission.  

Aqara Camera-E1
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