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Aqara U100 Smart Doorlock
Aqara Smart Doorlock U100 Sliver

Automations with Aqara and Third-Party Devices

Compatible with Matter , Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT and more, allowing it to be easily used in smart home automations.

Apple Home and Home Key Support

Say goodbye to the hassle of fumbling with keys and welcome the seamless experience of unlocking your door with a simple touch of your iPhone or Apple Watch. By also fully supports the Apple Home app, including guest access code, gaining entry to your abode has never been easier or cooler. Even if there's a power outage of your Apple devices, you can still tap your device and enter your home effortlessly.

Aqara U100 Iphone unlock
Aqara U100 antipeep password

Sharing Has Been Made Easy

Choose from permanent, periodic and one-time passwords, whether you need to grant access to friends, services or guests in an Airbnb, it's streamlined for your convenience.

Moreover, the one-time passwords are generated locally, ensuring that your home is always kept safe even if the lock is disconnected from the internet.

IP65 Rating

The outer panel of U100 is IP65 rated, and the operating temperature range is -31°F~150°F, providing you stable service in spite of the weather.

Aqare U100 Waterproof-Smart-Lock
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