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Aqara E1 curtain driver
Aqaar Compatible Platform

Zigbee 3.0 Protocol , Wide Ecosystem Support

Zigbee, the most stable and reliable smart home technology, is used to support automations and cloud integrations. Compatible with a wide range of ecosystems and voice assistants. HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and the upcoming Matter will be supported.                                                                

Up to 1-Year Battery Life between Each Charge

You can choose from the huge 6400 mAh rechargeable battery for using up to a year or even powering it constantly by USB-C port.   

Aqara E1 curtain driver built-in-or-external-illumination-sensor

Built-in Light Sensor

The built-in light sensor allows the Curtain Driver to be controlled based on brightness: save the energy on cooling and keep your eyes in a better comfort.                                                     

Support Load Bearing

The Curtain Driver E1 can pull even the heaviest curtains: thanks to its powerful motor, the maximum load can reach up to a record 12 kilograms!

Aqara E1 Driver Compact-yet-powerful
Aqara Smart Curtain E1 Rod Version

Diameter 25 - 32mm (0.98 - 1.26 inches)

Aqara Smart Curtain E1 driver U-rail

(Track Version recommended)
Bottom slotting width ≤ 8mm (0.31 inches)

Aqra Smart curtain E1 driver I Rail

(Track Version recommended)
Bottom width ≥ 10mm (0.39 inches)

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