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Aqara M3 Hub Full Specs.jpg
Aqara M3 Hub

The Premier All-One Hub

The M3 Hub acts as a versatile hub, supporting Aqara Zigbee and Thread devices, while also integrating third-party devices into the Aqara Home App. Support up to 127 Thread/Zigbee devices.

Centralized Distributed Smart Home System

Once intergrated into the network, it assume leadership over existing Aqara Hubs, centralizing data processing and commanding other hubs for distributed computing.

Aqara M3 Hub
Aqara M3 Hub

Hub Migration

The M3 allow for straightforward migration form older Aqara hubs, enabling seamless network upgrades without manual device reconnections.

Wire or Wireless: Versatile Connectivity Options

The M3 offer dual-band with WPA3 Security, POE Support, USB-C allows for UPS/power bank connection, ensuring robust varsatile connectivity. 

Aqara M3 Hub
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