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Aqara LED strips T1

Aqara Smart LED Strip T1

Aqara LED-Strip-T1-product

Zigbee 3.0 withRepeater Functionality

The Strip T1 outperforms Wi-Fi competitors by avoiding network congestion and acting as a reliable Zigbee mesh repeater. Additionally, it has much lower idle power consumption. Compatible with Matter, HomeKit (incl. Adaptive Lighting), Alexa, Google, IFTTT, and more, and can be controlled by voice.

Ignite Your Imagination with RGBIC

Unleash your creativity with the LED Strip T1’s remarkable RGBIC technology. Each of the 10 segments of this incredible strip can be individually configured, granting you unparalleled control over colors, dimming, effects, and more.

* Please note: the RGBIC effects are only available for colorful (RGB) scenes, but not for tunable white

Aqara Ignite-Your-Imagination-with-RGBIC
Aqara LED-Strip-T1

16 Million Colors andTunable Whites

Thanks to its RGB CCT technology, it can display not only up to 16 million vibrant colors, but can also be used as a tunable white accent light

Adjustable Length and IP44 Rating

This LED Strip T1 is cuttable (into the segments of 20 cm / 7.9"), extendable for up to 10 meters, and reattachable4. Also, it is IP44 rated for outdoor use and dust protection5.

Aqara LED scissors-marked-every-20cm

Extendable for up to 10 meters

The LED Strip T1 offers unparalleled versatility for your lighting projects. With the ability to easily extend the strip using 1-meter (40″) Extension Kits and cut it to precise lengths at 20 cm (7.9”) intervals, customization is a breeze.

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