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Aqara Surface Mounted Spotlight


Luxurious Design

The Aqara Surface Mounted Spotlights are designed specifically for professional recessed installation into false ceilings, aiming to enhance home lighting with a luxurious and smart system. Designed to add a touch of luxury to home lighting, they typically feature high-quality materials and a modern aesthetic.

Colour Temperature 

These spotlights can adjust their color temperature from 2700K (warm white) to 6000K (cool white). This wide range allows users to create different atmospheres and match lighting to various activities or preferences.


Beam Angles

Available in three different beam angles 

24°, 36°, and 60° to provide flexibility in lighting design.

24°: Provides a narrow beam, ideal for highlighting specific objects or areas.

36°: Offers a balanced beam angle suitable for general lighting or highlighting larger areas.

60°: Provides a wider beam angle for broader coverage and ambient lighting.

Dimming Control

The Aqara Surface Mounted Spotlight T1 offers versatile lighting control with advanced smart features, allowing users to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Here’s a breakdown of its capabilities:

Users can precisely adjust the brightness of the downlight to suit different activities or moods. Whether it’s for working, relaxing, or entertaining, you can dim or brighten the light as needed. Scene Customization: With the ability to tailor brightness and color temperature, you can easily set up different lighting scenes to match various settings in your home, enhancing functionality and ambiance.

Aqara Surface Mounted Spotlight
Platform Compatible

Smart Control

The Aqara Surface Mounted T1 integrates seamlessly with smart home systems like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. This enables easy control via voice commands or through smartphone apps, providing convenient access to adjust settings from anywhere.

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