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Aqara Smart Curtains

Aqara Smart Curtains

Aqara smart curtain

Automated Control 

Nid farewell to the hassle of manual curtain adjustment. Time, Voice and Remote Control. Customize Scenes for more convenient life, Customized opening and closing ratio, Smooth and Quiet operation  

Voice Command 

Protect Privacy upon reaching home. Using Voice command to activate scenes. Zigbee hub needed. 

Aqara Curtains
Aqara smart curtains closing

Customize of opening percentage

Customize the opening of percentage of the curtain through Aqara Home App. Slide your fingers gently to stop the curtain in the designated position. The brightness in your room changes as your wish. 

Support Load Bearing

The Aqara Smart Motor is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your smart home setup. With a load bearing capacity of 50kg, it can support curtains, blinds, and other devices with ease. Plus, its smooth and quiet operation ensures that you won't be disturbed while enjoying your favorite activities. 

Aqara Smart Motor
Aqara smart curtain single rail
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