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Aqara Smoke Sensor

Aqara Smart Smoke Detector


Zigbee 3.0 Protocol and Local and Remote Alerts

Enjoy the benefits of the fastest, most stable, and energy-efficient smart home technology. Offering better stability and compatibility, longer support, and more features. The Smoke Detector is able to trigger all of your siren-equipped Aqara Hubs automatically via the Alert System, and push notifications (including Critical Alerts) to your phone or any other device where the Aqara Home app is installed.              

Multi-Device Grouping and Built-in Siren of up to 85dB

Without any extra actions needed, one Smoke Detector will trigger the other Aqara Smoke Detectors to sound an alarm, and you will hear it no matter how big your house may be.  
The device has a built-in powerful siren and a colorful LED that will blink and allow you to hear it even if you are in another room, sleeping or listening to loud music.                 

Aqara Smoke-Sensor

Smart Home Automations

The Smoke Detector is a natural part of the Aqara Home app and its automations. You can configure the IF conditions as well as THEN actions, and you will be able to use more notification or disarming options.

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