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Aqara Smart downlight T2.webp

Aqara Smart Downlight T2

Aqara Smart downlight t2

Beam Angle Focusing 

The Aqara Smart Downlights T2 are meant for professional recessed installation into false ceilings, giving your home a truly luxurious smart lighting system. It comes in 4 different beam angles to achieve the best smart lighting in your home – 15°, 24°, 36°, and 60°.                             

Colour Temperatures

Aqara Downlights T2 has a virtually infinite range of settings, with the ability to dim, brighten, and change colour temperatures from 2700K (warm white) to 6000K (cool white).     

Aqara Downlight t2
Aqara Smart Downlight T2

Dimming and Tiltable

With its Deep Dimming Technology, the Aqara Downlights T2 can dim to an almost imperceptible soft glow at 1% brightness, giving you a fuller range of brightness options. Narrower versions are also tiltable at a 25 degree angle                                                    

Adaptive Lighting

The idea behind Adaptive Lighting is to mimic the natural changes in daylight throughout the day. In the morning, the light may appear warmer and more yellow, while in the evening, it may transition to a cooler, bluish-white light. This can help regulate circadian rhythms and improve sleep quality by providing the right type of light at the right time.

The Aqara Adaptive Lighting feature typically works by using a color temperature scale, measured in Kelvin (K), to adjust the color of the light. For example, a lower color temperature (around 2700K) can create a warm, yellowish light, while a higher color temperature (around 6500K) can create a cooler, bluish-white light. Throughout the day, the color temperature of the light can gradually change to match the natural progression of daylight.

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