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Aqara G4 video doorbell

Aqara G4 Video Doorbell

Aqara G4 indoor chime

Indoor Chime Repeater

The chime repeater is equipped with a loud 95dB speaker so you won't miss any visitor. Moreover it serves as a repeater for more stable connection, and USB-C port for flexible placement.                                                        

Multiple Alerts and High Image Quality

The camera has a 162-degree angle with a crisp 1080p sensor and infrared night vision. Face, loitering and tamper alerts will let you get more protection through notifications and pre-recorded messages.                               

Aqara G4 doorbell
Aqara G4 doorbell

Voice Changing and More Customizable Settings

To protect privacy, the G4 is able to change your voice to one of the four options such as uncle, robot etc. Also, custom ringtones for both doorbell and chime repeater makes it flexible for automations.                   

Dual powering options

Various scenarios have been considered for you. You can choose from 6-battery pack for using up to 4 months*, or wire it to a transformer**, and the batteries will only be used in case of power outage!

* The calculation assumes 35 device wake-ups and 6-second event video recording a day

** The external power supply of 12V-24V AC or 8V-24V DC is required

Aqara G4 batteries
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