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Aqara Z1 Pro Smart Switch

Aqara D1 Series Smart Wall Switch

Aqara smart wall switch D1 adopts standard 86-type specifications, which is quick and easy to install. It can control a variety of common lamps and has wide applicability, allowing traditional lamps to become intelligent easily. Support Neutral and Non Neutral. Contact us for more informations. 

Turn complexity into simplicity and intelligent dual control

Dual control means that two switches can control the same light, for example: turn on the lights upstairs and turn off the lights downstairs. Aqara smart light control bids farewell to tedious digging and wiring. Through the combination of smart wall switches, wireless switches, and gateways, it can easily achieve dual control or even multi-control functions.

Aqara D1 Smart Wall Switch

Faceplate Replacment

Transform the look of your smart home with our Colour Faceplate. This makes it easy to switch out the white faceplate cover and install a new one - making it perfect for refreshing your devices without having to replace the entire switch device. Choose from a range of colours to match your decor and enjoy a new look with just a few simple steps.

Aqara H1 Series Smart Wall Switch

Looking for a reliable and safe way to control your smart home? The aqara H1 switch was designed with you in mind. We've incorporated several levels of protection, including overheat and overload safeguards, and our switch fits standard 86mm square size configurations. With 3.0 Zigbee technology and CE and EAC certification, our neutral version switch is the perfect choice for your home automation needs.

Aqara H1 Smart Wall switch

Aqara H1 Series Smart Wall Switch

Embrace smart living with the sleek design of Aqara's H1 Switch. Its minimalist design fits in any home aesthetic while offering unparalleled control of your smart devices. With a single tap, activate your preferred settings for your lights, fan, or other smart devices. Upgrade your home and simplify your life with the Aqara H1 Switch.

Aqara Magic Switch S1E

The Aqara Magic Switch is revolutionizing the world of smart home technology. This wired/wireless switch is not only easy to install, but it's also customizable to fit your specific needs. Plus, it's compatible with multiple smart home ecosystems, making it an ideal choice for any home automation system. Order yours today and take your smart home to the next level!

Aqara Screen-Control-Switch

Aqara Magic Switch S1E

The Aqara Magic Switch S1E is the perfect addition to your smart home setup. With customizable skins and templates, different pages and tiles, this versatile switch gives you the freedom to personalize your experience. Plus, it supports 3 wired and 6 wireless functions, making it a truly indispensable tool. And with HomeKit compatibility, you can manage your devices in a snap with just your voice.

Aqara Z1 Pro Smart Wall Switch

Introducing the Aqara Z1 Pro Smart Switch, your answer to convenient and intuitive home automation. Compatible with the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, this switch allows you to control your lights and other appliances with ease, whether you're at home or on the go. The sleek design seamlessly blends into any home decor, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. Set schedules, create scenes, and manage your devices with the Aqara app, or simply use voice commands with your preferred voice assistant. With the Aqara Z1 Pro Smart Switch, take control of your home's lighting and create the perfect ambiance effortlessly.

Aqara Smart-Wall-Switch-Z1-Pro
Aqara Smart-Wall-Switch-Z1-Pro

Aqara Z1 Pro Smart Wall Switch

The Aqara Z1 Pro Smart Switch offers a variety of functions to enhance your home's lighting and Curtains. Creating a more convenient and comfortable living space. Z1 Pro support a touch-based slider, meant for wireless control of other Aqara smart lights, curtains, or other smart devices. You could slide up to brighten a bulb, slide down to dim a group of lights or slide up to open curtains, slide down to close the curtains. 

Aqara Z1 Pro Smart Wall Switch

Protect your home with the Aqara Z1 Pro Smart Switch. This powerful smart switch features built-in safety features such as overload protection and short circuit protection, ensuring the safety of your home's electrical system. With zigbee 3.0 connectivity, the Z1 Pro Smart Switch offers a stable and reliable connection within your smart home ecosystem, minimizing the risk of connectivity issues.

Aqara Z1 Pro Smart switch
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